Thank you, Meraki Salon for making me feel beautiful.


With my 30th just around the corner and a whole bunch of boring sitting on top of my head, I decided to take a trip to Meraki Salon for some much-needed hair attention.

I’ve been eyeing Meraki for a while now.  I discovered them on Instagram and was immediately attracted to their beautiful before/after photos, community events and constant communication with their followers.

When I walked in, it just felt comfortable.  Everybody was really friendly, the stylist we’re holding good conversations with their clients and the salon itself was clean and cute.

I had the pleasure of having an appointment with lead stylist Ashley, who I honestly can’t IMG_0466say enough good things about.  With 11 years invested in the industry, she knows exactly what she’s doing.  We first chatted about the current condition of my hair, what my goals were and what she thought would work best for me.  I explained that I’m extremely low maintenance, so whatever we decided I wanted it to be something that I could easily and quickly style.  We decided to go with a fun lob with bayalage to brighten it up.  For those who don’t know, bayalage is essentially freestyle hand painting.  I mean, she literally used a paintbrush, so cool.

IMG_0442The whole time I was getting my hair done Ashley and I had such casual non-awkward conversation.  I really think a stylist who has that ability makes the experience even more enjoyable for the client.  When it came time to tone, I was offered a complimentary heated eye mask infused with my choice of DoTerra essential oil.  I decided to go with Serenity, because, well I have kids.  SERENITY NOW!  (For you Seinfeld fans.)  Honestly though, it really was serene.  I actually started to doze off.

When Ashley was done with drying, I was already obsessing… but when she started styling, I was in awe.  I seriously could not stop staring in the mirror.  I was amazed by what she was able to do with my hair.  When she showed me the before/after pictures my jaw dropped. I felt beautiful & confident.  While gazing around the salon, every other client in there looked fabulous.  Women and men, every style unique and so well done.

Meraki is not the closest salon to my house, about a 25 minute drive to Raleigh but DAMN, I would go back there again and again for results like this.  I would even happily drive a lot further to feel this good about myself.  After taking my first shower post haircut/color the maintenance was just as easy as Ashley described.  So a big thank you to that gal for making my life a bit easier!  OH, and talking about making life easier, they actually have their very own custom app that allows you took book appointments.  So clutch.

About Meraki


Meraki is co-owned by two boss babes full of talent.  Sheena and Michelle pooled their combine talents together to build this beautiful and eco-friendly salon.  Even the name of the salon has a strong and powerful message.  Meraki, ‘doing something with total love and pure soul, leaving a little piece of yourself in your creative work.’  I mean, come on.  How perfect is that?  Open for just over a year, Meraki has already been recognized as one of the best salons in the triangle.  What makes them stand out even more? They are a green and eco-friendly salon.  What does this mean?  They provide products that don’t have all the yucky Ingredients in them. Instead, they use products that have more natural and organic ingredients.  They also strive to be sustainable, minimizing waste from the companies they choose to do business with and their products, to the salon supplies they use to ensure minimal to no packaging.  Pretty amazing if you ask me! One of my favorite things about Meraki, they work with local artists and vendors to provide a supportive platform to showcase their work. 

Follow Meraki

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/merakisalonnc/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/merakisalonnc/

Website: http://merakisalonnc.com/


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