Leading Ladies: Elisabeth Chadbourne of Lo & Behold.


Lo & Behold is a 100% natural body care company based in Durham, NC. Each product is handmade in small batches using as many locally grown and certified organic ingredients as possible. Lo & Behold is never tested on animals and is free of parabens, sulfates, petroleum, and all synthetic ingredients like artificial fragrances and preservatives. Lo & Behold offers a wide range of items in a variety of lovely scents using therapeutic grade essential oils. The products are available online, at select retail locations, and at local and regional events and markets.



Q:  When did you open your business?

A:  Lo & Behold was started in 2014, although that first year and a half feels like a rough experiment now. Things really started to fall into place in 2016.


Q:  What made you take the leap to start it up?

A:  I have always loved skincare and creating my own products with my herbal background had become a complete obsession several years ago, but a few things pushed me to turn the hobby into a business. First off I am a hard worker and whatever I am doing gets 300% of my energy. Seeing how much I was putting into various day jobs pushed me to realize that I could create something for myself, I knew I had the stamina and motivation. I also felt really confident in my community in NC.  At the time there was a lack of green beauty options in the area and very few local skincare brands, I knew people would be interested in a small local business creating healthy skincare, the interest in local foods was huge and I believed it could transfer to other products, and Lo & Behold, I was right!


Q:  What inspires you?

A:  Plants and my customers inspire me. I love all botanical ingredients and am forever fascinated by the healing powers of various plants. I am especially inspired by locally grown herbs and flowers and love incorporating them into formulas. I am also inspired by my customers, whether it is a product suggestion or just feedback, my connection to each person really keeps me going. Every time I see or hear from a repeat customer or get a note from a new person, I feel inspired to do what I do all over again.


Q:  Not really a question, but tell me about yourself!

A:  I am a big homebody, I love being outdoors, and family is very important to me. I spend a lot of time with my life partner and our families, we are both from Greensboro so all our family members are there or in the Chapel Hill area. I love spending time cooking, playing music, and exercising.  I live near the Eno River State Park and I am lucky to hike or go running down there almost daily with my partner and our dog Viv. I also love playing ball with Viv or swimming at the Edison Johnson Pool. My favorite thing is being outside with my dog and cat, I could hang with them out there for hours. I play the banjo, love reading fiction, and let’s be real, I love TV- especially while labeling products. I will watch anything with teenagers or Sci Fi. I don’t end up with much free time, but a lot of is spent with the kids in my life. My new niece Maybellene, my partners niece and nephew, or the young woman I mentor through Partners for Youth Opportunity.


Q:  What local businesses do you love supporting?

A:  Supporting local business is very important to me and thanks to my mom, it always has been- I was raised that way! I love grabbing a bite to eat at Monuts in Durham, or getting dessert and a meal from Chocolatay Confections and Soul Cocina in Chapel Hill.  I try to buy our groceries at the local shops and markets that support us- Chapel Hill Farmers’ Market, Durham Co-Op Market, Bulldega Urban Market, and Raleigh Provisions. Similarly I buy my natural makeup from stockists Be Pure Beauty and Trellis Beauty. Any gift shopping is going to happen at my stockists, Indio, Bungalow & Co., Edge of Urge.  For my own business I go out of the way to work with local artists like Amy Richards Illustration and Davie Paper Co. for the artwork on our labels, and to partner with small farmers for our ingredients. I also partner with local artisans for pottery and handmade wood spoons for gift sets!


Q:  What advice do you have for  ladies who are wanting to start their own business?

A:  I would say to go for it and find a team of people to talk to! Sure take some time to plan it out, but really you won’t know if it works until you just try it. Plus you will learn a ton from hands on experience, all my successes have been learned directly from mistakes and trial and error. It is also key to have some good people to talk with, I am so thankful for my partner and my group of small business pals. I am lucky to know some hardworking makers and small food business owners, talking to others from various industries is so important.

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Follow Lo & Behold:

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/loandbeholdnaturals/

Website: https://www.loandbeholdnaturals.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/loandbeholdnaturals/





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